Standard Operator Procedures (SOP) & Operator Training

Assisting with standard operator procedures and training documentation to ensure clients are thoroughly trained to use their equipment.


What We Did for Our Clients


AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical company that researches and develops innovative healthcare solutions, including medications and vaccines. We developed standard operator procedures and provided them with operator training at their Westborough, MA location. Services included:
  • Developed the SOP for the setup and operation of a sterility testing isolator system that consisted of three isolators and two STERIS H2O2 generators.
  • Provided a combined classroom/hands on training session to give an overall understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the technology.


Lantheus is a healthcare company that specializes in the field of medical imaging, and develops and provides innovative diagnostic imaging products. We provided them with cycle development and performance qualification services for two TEMA hot cell chambers at their Somerset, NJ location.


SOFIE Biosciences is a healthcare solutions company that serves customers around the world. We provided systems integration services for them at their Totowa, New Jersey location, helping with the design of a hydrogen peroxide decontamination system:
  • Participated in the design with Decontamination Specialty Equipment (DSE) of a hydrogen peroxide decontamination system that serviced four TEMA hot cells

Standard Operator Procedures (SOP)

Advanced Barrier Concepts offers standard operator procedures (SOP) development to help clients generate documents to guide them through the proper operation of the installed equipment. We provide very detailed documentation, leveraging our broad range of experience in the best industry practices. In-house procedures may need to be adapted to isolated equipment, and clients often need assistance in developing new documentation. Our standard operating procedure development is often the right solution for our clients to ensure that they are always operating their equipment independently and correctly.

Operator Training

ABC will provide hands-on operator training utilizing either ABC generated or the customer’s SOPs. Our goal is to provide your operators with all the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize the new technologies that they will be working with on a daily basis. Combining thorough documentation with hands-on instruction helps to equip your operators with all the necessary skills to successfully operate the equipment.
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